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Castles and Crusades RPG: Umbrage Saga Box

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The Shadow of Aufstrag stains all the lands of the east. That dread tower that housed all the raving madness of hell sits now in the midst of the Gray Pools, a monolith of evil and ruin. Though the Horned God who built it is long gone, there are powers there that reach far and wide, into the lands beyond. Begin the journey north, across the Blighted Screed, to the Fortress of towers and along the edge of the Gray Pools. The road is long and hard and set with evils, great and small, and the end of it lies upon the Wasting Way, that causeway that spans the Pools and brings one to the Ahargon Den, the Mouth of Darkness. Brave the long walk to those gates and reap either death or entry. Through the desolation of Unklar, the Journey to Aufstrag unfolds, and the Umbrage Saga continues. Journey to Aufstrag is an adventure for 3-8 mid to high-level characters. It contains overland and dungeon adventures and brings the characters to the gates of the Dungeons of Aufstrag. There is enough setting material and adventure hooks to allow the CK to create multiple adventures. Journey to Aufstrag Box Set includes the following: Aufstrag Arising Adventure Modules A6-A12: A6 Of Banishment and Blight, A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone, A8 Forsaken Mountain, A9 Beneath the Helm of Night, A10 The Last Respite, A11 The Wasting Way, A12 The Paladins Lament -Map Booklet for quick reference - Town Map of Grafika - Area Map of the Grausumland Swamp and the Wasting Way. Journey to Aufstrag follows In the Shadow of Aufstrag (A0-A5) and a prelude to Dungeons of Aufstrag (A13-A17). Made in the USA.