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Broken Shield RPG: Deluxe Edition Core Book

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Superhumans, Living Gods, Coppers & Agents In a Dangerous Future London. This full-colour, 364-page Deluxe Edition of the Broken Shield Roleplaying Game is a complete game and includes everything you need to play! Enjoy exciting, fast-paced investigation and spy missions in a science-fiction future where Echoes wield reality-warping powers, and living gods meddle in the affairs of humanity... You are the heroes who can bring hope to a fractured universe! The Broken Shield Roleplaying game is your gateway to an exciting new world of adventure! Inside this book: Issue #1 of WeaveNet Now! An in-universe magazine full of story hooks and background in a fun format. The HexDNA system: A complete game system that emphasises fast-paced, success with complications action. Build your character your way. Play an Echo: superhumans whose power is only limimted by how fast they want to burn up their life, or play a Sliver: genetically and technologically engineered to be faster, stronger and deadlier! Play a passionate Pure, a tough Hulk, a genetailored Gethan or a regular human! Insiders Guide to the Steel Alliance: A once-mighty interstellar empire founded by twelve living gods known as the Disciples, now fractured into a handful of feuding successor states on the brink of another civil war. But in the darkness there is a beacon of hope: The Accord. Insiders Guide to the London Metropolice: A complete guide to the Londons crime fighters, how to investigate crimes, copper slang and the law! Insiders Guide to The Agency: Cloak and dagger espionage and subterfuge for a spies campaign. How to plan and carry out an operation, bring stability to an unstable universe, threats to the Accord and more! Insiders Guide to London & Soho: The starting setting for Broken Shield, the London & Soho Guide presents a fully-fleshed out mega city complete with maps, locations, people, mission hooks and a detailed focus on the borough of Soho & Victory - a perfect setting for your adventures