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MetaZoo Cryptid Nation Nightfall Theme Deck

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Supercharge your MetaZoo collection with one of these iconic Nightfall theme decks. Nightfall is MetaZoo's second official set release and is expected to go down in the history books as one of their hottest expansions.

There are five different theme decks to choose from. Each theme deck contains 1 exclusive Nightfall promotional card; a 39 count pre-constructed deck; 1 official MetaZoo rulebook; 1 Nightfall booster pack, and 1 metallic coin.

The five theme decks are: Reptoid Rule (Cosmic), Elder Matlox (Earth), The Ghost Marshall (Light), Stikini Owl (Spirit), and Flying Manta Ray (Water).

Similar to Magic the Gathering, theme decks make it easy to play the same deck against your opponents. Because each theme deck also includes a booster pack, players still have a chance at scoring unique cards which can be used to supplement their pre-constructed deck.