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Space 1889: London Bridge Has Fallen Down - Savage Worlds Edition

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Mylarkt - Mars` oldest city, home to a proud and fading race. But that pride masks a rot festering in the cracks of the city`s decay, an underworld teeming with smuggled goods and ancient artifacts sold at the behest of local crime lords to be shipped out along the ancient canals of which the city`s founders were pioneers - or so the inhabitants claim. No sane Earthman would enter this pit of iniquity willingly, but who can refuse the request of a grieving noblewoman? Lady Edith Tillington is mourning her husband, a scientist in her Majesty`s service, who crashed in the desert onboard an ether flyer called London Bridge. She`s now in need of bold, Mars-proven adventurers willing to help her recover the remains of her late husband. In a wild chase, they will find themselves forced to make their way deep into the Isidis Desert, where they`ll be confronted with the best kept secret of the Empire! A Savage Worlds adventure for Space 1889, London Bridge Has Fallen Down includes a detailed description of the city of Mylarkt, including a city map, with additional locations, factions, and thrilling plot hooks.