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Pokemon Japan: Premium Trainer Box VSTAR

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This is a sealed Premium Trainer Box VSTAR (PTB) from Pokemon Japan.

Set Contents:
- 20x Star Birth Booster Packs
- 191 cards (19x Pokemon, 40x Trainer, 4x Special Energy, 128x Basic energy)
- Cardboard Box
- Pokemon Coin
- VSTAR Marker
- Acrylic Damage Counter Set (6x 100 damage, 8x 50 damage, 20x 10 damage)
- Premium Marker (1x Poison, 1x Burn)
- Damage Counter Case

NOTE: The Star Birth Booster Packs each contain 5 random cards. The other cards contained in this box are always going to be the same across boxes. 

This is an authentic product imported from Japan. The language of the cards is Japanese.