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Rome & Roll: Gladiators Expansion

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This is a pre-order listing for wave 2 of Rome & Roll Gladiators Expansion.

While Rome is being rebuilt, Emperor Nero wants the public to be entertained. He tasks players with sponsoring games in the Colosseum, where gladiators will engage in thrilling battles for the enjoyment of the crowds. Players must now build Ludi, where gladiators can be trained in one of the two competing schools, and Arenas, where they can practice. They`ll then assign the gladiators to the Colosseum to fight! All the excitement has also brought forth new Advisors who offer enticing rewards for those who dare to bribe them! This expansion for Rome & Roll adds a fifth asymmetric character class - the Rudiarius - a retired gladiator who has earned his freedom. A veteran of the Colosseum, the Rudiarius can call in favours with his old masters to get ahead. Brick & Mortar Only.