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The Shopping Bot Problem

We'll keep this simple: the online shopping landscape is currently dominated by bots. These bots are able to evade the conventional checkout process and instantly purchase newly released inventory far faster than any human could.

While these bots have historically been isolated to the Nike shoe market, the recent shortage of a variety of consumer goods has only further increased the demand for these bots. The software continues to become increasingly sophisticated and is very difficult to defend against. 

For this reason Poke Cellar will no longer be offering 'drops' or 'releases'. For certain items, customers will be required to participate in a pre-registration/lottery system which will randomly allocate inventory to winning participants.

While this solution is not ideal, we strongly believe this approach is the best way to maintain a fair and measured distribution for our customers. As a company comprised of players and enthusiasts, it's important for us to distribute products in a manner congruent with the goals and the vision of the brand. Selling exclusive inventory to scalpers and bot-users is something we simply are not going to tolerate. 

How It Works

On Monday May 24th, we will be creating a special discord role for customers interested in purchasing MetaZoo. All customers who react and claim the roll will be entered into our lottery. On select dates, winning customers will be contacted via e-mail and be provided with a private link to purchase their requested product.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. There is no obligation to buy the product if you win. 

If you win and are no longer interested in purchasing the product, you can simply ignore the email

2. The purchase link will expire after 3 days

If the item is not purchased within 72 hours, the private link will expire and the product will simply be allocated to the next randomly selected person on our lottery list.

3. Multiple entries are not allowed

We have systems in place to detect and disqualify individuals who attempt to enter multiple times. 


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