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Poke Cellar Discord

Where and How to Buy MetaZoo

If you're looking for the best place to purchase MetaZoo products online, then you will absolutely have to check out the Poke Cellar discord server. Discord is a fantastic tool for retailers to communicate with their customers which is why we use it to deliver important inventory and website updates. It's far better than e-mail newsletter notifications or even text message notifications.

Our community is focused primarily on trading card games such as Pokémon & MetaZoo. Users who join the Poke Cellar discord are able to participate in our free lottery system for their chance to buy highly desired items like MetaZoo First Edition Booster Boxes.

Due to the nature of the TCG market, Poke Cellar experiences an extremely high number of automated shopping bots. In order to fulfill our obligation as a retailer and community figurehead, we employ a lottery system which gives everyone a fair chance at purchasing product. You wont have to fight scalpers or stay up until midnight or use expensive shopping bots. We've developed a Discord lottery system which has been proven to work.

Click here to join the Poke Cellar Discord for more information.

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